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Revive the Iconic
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In today’s world, many images carry the label icon. Within Christianity, the meaning is more distinct: the iconic image is catechizing, transforming, enlightening. It serves as enduring witness to the new creation proclaiming the marriage of Heaven and Earth through Christ Jesus.


Iconic imagery is


The Biblical authors wrote in Genesis that what God had made was very good. The ancient Greek translation of the original Hebrew is kalokagathia, a term which means “beauty-goodness.” What is beautiful is linked to goodness. Not sentimental or cliché, beauty is whole, harmonies and radiant, inviting contemplation.


Iconic imagery is


God is mystery. The Church is Christ’s mystical body. Images of mystery build a bridge between what we see and what we believe. Through images of mystery we enter into the Divine, God’s personal life where time and space are changed. Here the poetry of the eternal and the ritual of heaven transfigure our imagination. 


Iconic imagery is


Whether inspired by Biblical stories, Church teaching or Christian experience, the purpose of meaningful imagery is not to abandon us into the illusion of an alternate world. Rather, it is to affect our return to our everyday lives with new eyes. Meaningful imagery not only shows us appearances but also shows us purpose - images that correspond to reality It is here that the doors to the realm of truth are opened.